Comprehensive Allergy Test


Foods, Pollens & Molds, Pets & Animals
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The AllergyGo blood drop test is the most convenient way to determine if you are at risk for food and environmental allergies. Allergic reactions are triggered by your immune system’s response to something you have touched, inhaled or consumed; identifying the cause of your allergic reaction is the first step in reducing your allergy symptoms. Once you understand your allergies, you can take control of your health and improve your lifestyle.

AllergyGo’s exclusive IgE blood test covers 120 common allergens – including foods, pets, pollens, and molds – all done from the comfort of your own home.


** Before ordering, please check the tables below to ensure AllergyGo is available in your state. If you have any questions regarding our purchasing and shipping policies for specific states, feel free to contact us at 210-977-0490.

Available States

AllergyGo is available in the following states
Alaska Arizona Arkansas Delaware
Indiana Kansas Louisiana Maine
Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana
Nebraska New Hampshire North Carolina North Dakota
Ohio Oklahoma South Dakota Texas
Utah Vermont Virginia Washington
West Virginia Wisconsin

Coming Soon

AllergyGo will be available soon in the following states
Alabama California Colorado Connecticut
Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho
Illinois Iowa Kentucky Maryland
Massachusetts Michigan Nevada New Jersey
New Mexico New York Oregon Pennsylvania
Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee Wyoming

Allergens Tested

Complete IgE Allergy Panel

Food & Non-Inhalants

Wheat Barley Buckwheat Corn
Oat Rye Soybean Yeast
Fruits & Vegetables
Apple Banana Carrot Celery
Garlic Green Pea Peach Strawberry
Nuts & Seeds
Almond Brazil Nut Sesame Seed Mustard Seed
Peanut Walnut
Beef Chicken Clam Crab
Codfish Egg White Egg Yolk Flounder
Halibut Lobster Oyster Milk
Casein Pork Salmon Shrimp
Stinging Insects
Fire Ant Mosquito Honey Bee Yellow Jacket
Yellow Hornet White Faced Hornet Wasp
Penicillin Latex Total IgE

Environmental & Inhalants

Grass Pollen
Bahia Grass Bermuda Grass Johnson Grass June Grass
Perennial Ryegrass Timothy Grass Alfalfa Pollen
Weed Pollen
Bayberry (Wax Myrtle) Cocklebur English Plantain Kochia
Lamb’s Quarters Rough Marsh Elder Mugwort Rough Pigweed
Tall Ragweed Ragweed (False) Short Ragweed Ragweed (Western)
Russian Thistle Sheep Sorrel Sagebrush
Tree Pollen
Alder White Ash Birch (White) Red Birch
Box Elder Cedar Red Cedar (Mountain) Cottonwood
Bald Cypress Elm (American) Elm (Chinese) Shagbark Hickory
Juniper Maple Pollen Red Mulberry Virginia Live Oak
White Oak Red Oak Olive (Russian) Queen Palm
Pecan Pollen Pine (White) Australian Pine Poplar (White)
Privet Sycamore (American) Walnut (Black Pollen) Willow (Black)
Mold & Fungi
Alternaria Aspergillus Candida Albicans Acremonium
Cladosporium (f) Curvularia Drechslera Epicoccum
Fusarium Mucor Plumbeus Mixed Pencillium Phoma Herbarum
Animal & Insect
Cat Hair Cattle Hair Cockroach Mix Dog Hair
Horse Hair Mite Pteronyssinus Mite Farinae Mouse Hair


Each AllergyGo IgE test kit contains the following:

  • Alcohol prep wipe
  • Finger lancet
  • Gauze pad
  • Lab authorization form
  • Blood drop collection card
  • Bandage
  • Biohazard bag
  • Prepaid envelope
  • Test instructions


Product Disclosure

“This test is not intended to be a used as a diagnosis and is not approved by the FDA to diagnose allergies. Use your results to consult with a medical professional about your symptoms for a full diagnosis. Please see the User Agreement for additional information.





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